Who Knows How?

by voodooangel


Joy in the Midst of Adversity

by carf

My heart aches for what is in this childs future. Oh that I could make a difference but I probably won’t I will continue on my selfish path to a self imposed blindness in the pursuit of happiness when all along she can teach me what I want to know.

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8 gig?

by Fire Monkey Fish

The “Made In India” is bigger than “City of LA”

Color Expressed

Or maybe this was the one

by AnaM.

These nails will never dry in this humidity

Think I Know This Girl

by AnaM.

Maybe it’s me that I see in this picture.

A Feeling of Being Pressed Hard From Above

Little kitty pressureby takahito@japan

I don’t think I can escape the pressure of my self inflicted ego

Twisted Path to My Mind



This is how I feel sometimes when I am about to create some of my best art except it is usually not this neat.

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Pain that Makes Life Worth Living

There is a piece of every artists heart that is torn just a little or sometimes a lot. It is torn by things that he or she may not even understand but it is torn none the less. That beautiful pain that is the bain of my existence is also the greatest reason for my living. A very delicate balance between wanting to live forever and wanting to die right now. I reach out to others and yet no one ever understands even those that share my darkest secrets. They try but we speak in different dialects and there is little understanding. So this path is mine and only glimpsed occasionally be another but solitary steps are all what exist for me on this beautiful lonely path that I hate to love everyday. I would never give it up yet it causes me terable anguish.

Here is where I am torn. You can feel it here. You can’t see it but if you put your hand deep in my chest you can feel it right there. The tear that never heals and continually thrills me and makes me know I’m alive. Welcome to my world and to my Artfull Park where I will let you peak occasionally and peer continually if you want at this mess of my masterpiece I am making.

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